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We offer high quality Magento extensions and modules that promote successful business online. Our custom pricing and upload extensions simplify the complex problems associated with dynamic customer configured products.

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  1. Mico Advanced Variation Pricing Icon

    Advanced Variation Pricing

    The Advanced Variation Pricing extension enables dynamic square foot and square meter pricing for Magento. It also provides the ability to offset the dynamic product price by choosing different custom options and variations.

  2. Custom Emails for Magento when products are ordered

    Product Ordered Emails


    Send drop-ship or vendors an email when a product is purchased. Send customers a follow up email or coupon code when they order a specific product.

  3. Magento Fraud Detection by Fraud Genius

    Fraud Detection for Magento by Fraud Genius


    Reduce charge-backs and increase revenue by identifying high-risk payments before orders get shipped out. This Advanced Fraud Detection extension for Magento adds a second layer of security to automated payment processing online.

  4. Mico Social Photo Uploader for Magento

    Social Photo Uploader

    Customers can upload photos to your Magento store directly from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. This is an add-on for our Upload Ultimate and Crop extension, one of those base modules are required for this extension to work.

  5. Mico Aviary Photo Editor for Magento - Icon

    Aviary Editor


    The Aviary Photo Editor add-on extension for Magento allows your customers to enhance and stylize their uploaded photos at your store. The perfect module for digital and canvas print shops that offer custom printed products.

  6. Mico Extension Pro Install

    Mico Extension Pro Install

    Optional installation service for any of our Mico Solutions Magento extensions. Previous purchase of a Mico extension is required.

  7. Mico Crop Extension for Magento eCommerce (icon)

    Mico Crop


    The Mico Crop extension gives your customers the ability to crop their custom images at your store. Configure preset crop dimensions per product as well as margin and 3d crop previews. Mico Upload Ultimate included in this module.

  8. Carton and Box Pricing for Magento Icon

    Carton and Box Pricing


    With this extension enabled customers can enter their coverage/dimension needs and the necessary number of boxes to fulfill the order is automatically added to the quantity box on the product page, all the customer has to do is click add to cart.

  9. CSV Table-based Matrix Pricing for Magento Connect Icon

    CSV Table-based Pricing

    Custom CSV table-based pricing for Magento. Excellent for for selling products and materials that need to be priced out using a price table. Highly optimized for page load speed and easy to manage. Perfect for windows and blinds stores.

  10. Mico Custom Math Pricing

    Mico Custom Math Pricing


    The Custom Math Pricing extension total dynamic pricing. You can define your own formulas like {width} * {height} * {price} and create your own discount and up-charge schemes using formula style logic.

  11. Mico Upload Ultimate for Magento icon

    Mico Upload Ultimate


    The Mico Upload Ultimate extension is the most advanced front-end file uploader for customers in Magento. Like an ajax uploader, it allows real-time feedback by showing a file upload progress bar to customers as they upload their files to a product page.

  12. Magento Migration Tool - Sync data from one Magento Store to Another

    Mico Migration Tool

    Sync cms, product, customer and sales data between two or more Magento stores - including shipping and transaction data, even order comments. Upgrade your Magento store by installing the latest version and then import all products, customers and sales from your old store.


12 items

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