About Us

The Team

The Mico team members are expert Magento developers who specialize in MVC frameworks and Web Crawler technologies. Along with developing for Magento eCommerce, the Mico team also provides a wide array of consulting services in Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Systems Analysis and Design, and Project Management.

The Magento extensions we develop

All of the Magento extensions and modules we create are in response to the many requests from users in the Magento Connect community. As a result, we develop useful Magento extensions and make them available for purchase with immediate download access. Our goal is to eliminate the amount of time and money it takes for Magento developers to roll-out their next Magento project. Our hope is that developers will be able to focus more on other areas of their Magento projects and less on custom programming, which in turn will lead to faster project completion.

We also kept in mind the non-developers and everyday users. If you're new to Magento or even just a Magento store manager or someone who doesn't know a thing about code whatsoever, don't let that previous paragraph intimidate you. Although our Magento modules and extensions were created by developers for developers (BDFD), they are still simple enough for beginner and intermediate Magento store owners to install and use. All of our modules come with easy to follow installation guides.

The Services We Provide

  • Custom Magento Extension Development
  • Custom Magento Theme Design and Current Theme Customization
  • Custom Web Spider and Crawler Frameworks
  • Custom Website Frameworks and Development
  • Internet Marketing and SEO Solutions
  • Project Management and Project Management Consulting

We can also program for and use a variety of open source blog frameworks and content management systems, as well as other open source and commercial MVC frameworks. For example: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, Code Igniter, Kohana, Open Cart, Presta Shop, phpBB, bb Press, and more.