Advanced Variation Pricing v1.15

The Advanced Variation Pricing extension enables dynamic square foot and square meter pricing for Magento. It also provides the ability to offset the dynamic product price by choosing different custom options and variations.

Community Version: 1.4.x.x to 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Version: 1.10.x.x to 1.14.x.x

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Portions of the code in this Magento extension are encrypted with IonCube.


Portions of the code in this Magento extension are encrypted with IonCube. This is to protect our products from piracy and copyright infringement. Only .php files in the /app/code/local/Mico directory are encrypted.

Can I edit any of the code?

Yes, we do not encrypt the .phtml or CSS or XML files. You can edit the template files to match your store design and alter the CSS to integrate colors and layout. We offer extension customization upon request. Please use our contact form if you require a totally custom build.

Why do you lock the code?

Some of these modules are a collection of years of experience in the industry. We have invested countless hours and energy to program and support these extensions, and we feel that it is in everyone’s best interest to encode the core of our work.

How do I install IonCube?

Formal Check: To see if ionCube is already running, check with your server admin - they can tell you immediately if it is already installed and what version, etc. If it is not already running, they usually can install it within 5-10 minutes.

Manual Installation: If you have access to your server and the skill to install yourself, please see this page and download the loader wizard in ZIP or TGZ format. You can upload the loader wizard to your server and follow the series of prompts to detect ionCube installation and follow the walk-through to install manually by uploading the loader code yourself. It’s really easy to do if you know how to access your site with FTP.

Are all of your products encoded?

No. Our free community extensions are not.

Product Description

Advanced Variation Pricing

This module is perfect for store owners who sell customized products that can only be priced by the amount of material it takes to create them. For example: Custom banner and printing stores who offer various stock and finishing options, art suppliers and framing stores that require pricing related to dimensions and material type, and carpet wholesalers who estimate prices based on overall square footage and/or length, etc.

  • No Hacks – No Core Magento files are modified
  • Product pricing based on dynamic customer inputs
  • Length, area, and volume calculations
  • Real-time price updates on the product page as customer enters values
  • Supports decimal and integer input values (e.g. 5 or 34.67, etc.)
  • Radix options for different unit measurements (e.g. Square foot, square meters, square centimeters etc.)
  • Global discount settings based on dimensions, fixed or percentage (e.g. 10 Sq m = 10% discount, 25 Sq m = $50.00 fixed discount, etc.)
  • Ability to set minimum required dimension with custom validation message when minimum not met
  • Ability to set minimum required dimension and radix on a per-product basis
  • Ability to set discounts on a per-product, per-dimension basis
  • Supports group pricing (e.g. wholesale, retailer, etc.)
  • Front-end multi-language and multi-theme support
  • Cross-browser compatible (IE8, Fire Fox, Chrome, Safari)

How does it work?

In short, this Advanced Variation Pricing module multiplies custom options (e.g. width x height, length, depth, etc.) by the price of the product. However, this module takes it a bit further by allowing the user to create other custom options (e.g. Stock Type, Frame Type, Finish, etc.) that will offset the product base price before the dimension or length calculation. This allows for total dynamic product pricing for products that have multiple variations.

Out-of-the-box, all that is required is that a product has one or many custom options defined. For example:

  1. Create a product.
  2. Add a custom drop-down option with the title: Stock Type
  3. Add a custom option(s) text field with title(s): Length or Width or Height, etc.
  4. Done! It’s that easy.

What are the options?

Length and area calculations can use: Text field and Drop-down menus (Width, height, length, etc.). Product variation control can use check-box, drop-down menu, and radio-button custom option types (E.g Stock Type, Frame Type, etc.). The demo really explains it best. View Demo

Who is it for?

Everyone! Developers and non-developers. This module is so simple that even the newest Magento users can figure it out. It is excellent for Magento driven stores that offer products that need to be priced out using square feet, square meter, length or even volume pricing. For example: Web-to-print, Banner Wholesale, Carpet and Flooring Resellers, Material Vendors and more.

Technical Information

Magento Versions Community Version: 1.4.x.x to 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Version: 1.10.x.x to 1.14.x.x
ionCube Encrypted Yes
Option Type Supported Text Field, Drop-down, Radio Buttons, Checkbox
Product Type Supported Simple, Configurable
Supported PHP Version N/A
Requires Base Extension N/A
Mico Compatibility Ajax Flash Upload Pro, Total Price Reload, Mico Upload All
Also works with Dependent Custom Options, Dependent Custom Options Gallery, Simple Configurable Products Extension, Advanced Product Options
Licensing Info Per Domain Licensing: Our extensions are licensed per domain, which means each Magento store that will use the extension, regardless if it is installed on the same server or not, requires its own license.  For example: and are 2 domain names and require 2 licenses, whereas and only require 1 license. We offer discounts for multiple licenses for this very reason.We also provide a free development license if necessary. Simply request one after you purchase or just register your domain to the development server first and then email us to change it prior to launching the live site.

Change Log

2013-10-02 - version 0.1.15
	* [fix]	minor bug fixes
2012-10-02 - version 0.1.14
	* [fix]	added patch for magento

2012-09-06 - version 0.1.13
	* [fix]	fixed bug of Configurable product (10,5)

2012-06-14 - version 0.1.12
	* [feature]	added support for upcharge, discount with size < 1
	* [improved]	changed upcharge/discount format to use double pipe || instead of comma ,

2012-02-29 - version 0.1.11
	* [feature]	support weight update when ordered
	* [feature[	support option percent module

2012-01-29 - version 0.1.10
	* [fix]	fixed issue with discount and upcharge of configable product

2011-12-19 - version 0.1.09
	* [feature]	added method to subtract qty via option (W x H or only H) support

2011-12-01 - version 0.1.08
	* [fix]	fixed multi-currency bug

2011-11-02 - version 0.1.07
	* [improved]	multi price format is changed to ABC(12xPrice)

2011-10-21 - version 0.1.06
	* [feature]	check none value of radio via js -> 1

2011-09-30 - version 0.1.05
	* [feature]	added radio button support

2011-08-18 - version 0.1.04
	* [feature]	added upcharge support
2011-08-07 - version 0.1.03
	* [feature]	added support for euro locale (comma v. decimal)
	* [feature]	removed auto field populate

2011-07-13 - version 0.1.02
	* [fix]	fixed discount when qty < 1
	* [feature]	add round check via radix
	* [feature]	added support for Simple Configurable Products (SCP) module

2011-07-08 - version 0.1.01
	* [fix]	changed admin message Max < WxH to WxH > Max
	* [feature]	added max override per product

2011-06-01 - version 0.1
	* [release]