Aviary Editor v1.1

The Aviary Photo Editor add-on extension for Magento allows your customers to enhance and stylize their uploaded photos at your store. The perfect module for digital and canvas print shops that offer custom printed products.

Community Version: 1.4.x.x to 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Version: 1.10.x.x to 1.14.x.x


Portions of the code in this Magento extension are encrypted with IonCube.


Portions of the code in this Magento extension are encrypted with IonCube. This is to protect our products from piracy and copyright infringement. Only .php files in the /app/code/local/Mico directory are encrypted.

Can I edit any of the code?

Yes, we do not encrypt the .phtml or CSS or XML files. You can edit the template files to match your store design and alter the CSS to integrate colors and layout. We offer extension customization upon request. Please use our contact form if you require a totally custom build.

Why do you lock the code?

Some of these modules are a collection of years of experience in the industry. We have invested countless hours and energy to program and support these extensions, and we feel that it is in everyone’s best interest to encode the core of our work.

How do I install IonCube?

Formal Check: To see if ionCube is already running, check with your server admin - they can tell you immediately if it is already installed and what version, etc. If it is not already running, they usually can install it within 5-10 minutes.

Manual Installation: If you have access to your server and the skill to install yourself, please see this page http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php and download the loader wizard in ZIP or TGZ format. You can upload the loader wizard to your server and follow the series of prompts to detect ionCube installation and follow the walk-through to install manually by uploading the loader code yourself. It’s really easy to do if you know how to access your site with FTP.

Are all of your products encoded?

No. Our free community extensions are not.

Product Description

Aviary Photo Editor for Magento

The Aviary Photo editor for Magento is an add-on extension for Mico Upload Ultimate and Mico Crop. When installed with Upload Ultimate, the Aviary Editor add-on will allow customers to add special effects to their uploaded images at your store. The photo editor controls can be configured to meet your needs, you can enable only the features you want to allow customers to use by listing them in the module configuration.

Aviary Web Editor for Photos and Images

Features at a glance

  • No Hacks – No Core Magento files are modified
  • Full Aviary Editor API 3.x.x Integration
  • Supports both free and premium Aviary accounts (white label and high-resolution)
  • Free accounts are limited to 1 megapixel output files
  • Premium features require an Aviary monthly subscription
  • Large file support, 25 megapixels (Aviary premium add-on required)
  • White label, remove Aviary logo supported (Aviary premium add-on required)
  • Mico Upload Ultimate OR Mico Crop required

How does it work?

When installed alongside our Mico Upload Ultimate or Mico Crop module, the Aviary Editor add-on enables the Web-based photo editor at your Magento store. When a customer uploads an image to a product page they will see a new button that says “edit image” or “stylize image” or any other text you want to use. Customers will then have access to all the features you have enabled in your Aviary Web application settings, features like photo enhancements, custom text with different fonts, silly stickers, red-eye removal, design frames, custom crop and scale and rotate.

Out-of-the-box, simply create a product with a file upload option.

  1. Create a product in your Magento store
  2. Add a custom option with input type of “file”
  3. Go to Aviary website and create an HTML5 Web Editor App
  4. Copy the App key (and secret*) from Aviary website
  5. Paste App key (and secret) into your Magento store module configuration
  6. Specify what editor features to enable in Magento store module configuration
  7. Done! It’s that easy.

What are the options?

Along with the 20 awesome tools that come built-in to the Web editor (see list below), we have added a small feature to customize the “Edit image” button text as well as the ability to set a default image for editing that can be overridden per product. This default image feature is perfect for setting a default background image for custom print products like postcards and business cards where the customer just needs to add some simple text and checkout. This option makes our Aviary Web Editor extension an affordable, entry-level web to print (w2p) add-on for Magento.

You can enable the following tools in the Web editor (taken from Aviary documentation):

Tool Name
all Selects all Aviary-recommended tools. (default)
enhance Autocorrect your photo with one of four basic enhancements.
effects Choose from a variety of effects and filters for your photo.
frames Choose from a variety of frames to apply around your photo.
stickers Choose from a variety of stickers you can resize and place on your photo.
orientation Rotate and flip your photo in one tool.
focus Adds a selective linear or radial focus to your photo.
resize Resize the image using width and height number fields.
crop Crop a portion of your photo. Add presets via API. Fixed-pixel cropPresets perform a resize when applied.
warmth Adjust the overall image color temperature.
brightness Adjust the overall image brightness.
contrast Adjust the overall image contrast.
saturation Adjust the overall image saturation.
sharpness Blur or sharpen the overall image in one tool.
colorsplash Use a smart brush to colorize parts of your photo which becomes grayscale otherwise.
draw Add doodle overlays with a brush.
text Add custom, resizable text.
redeye Remove redeye from your photo with a brush.
whiten Whiten teeth with a brush. (Not supported in IE8)
blemish Remove skin blemishes with a brush.

Technical Information

Magento Versions Community Version: 1.4.x.x to 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Version: 1.10.x.x to 1.14.x.x
ionCube Encrypted Yes
Option Type Supported File
Product Type Supported Simple, Configurable, Downloadable, Virtual
Supported PHP Version N/A
Requires Base Extension N/A
Mico Compatibility Advanced Variation Pricing, CSV Table Based Pricing, Option Percent Pricing, Total Price Reload, Mico Upload All, Load Total Price, Mico Crop, Advanced Proof System
Also works with Dependent Custom Options, Dependent Custom Options Gallery, Simple Configurable Products Extension
Licensing Info Per Domain Licensing: Our extensions are licensed per domain, which means each Magento store that will use the extension, regardless if it is installed on the same server or not, requires its own license.  For example: en.example.com and de.example.com are 2 domain names and require 2 licenses, whereas example.com/en and example.com/de only require 1 license. We offer discounts for multiple licenses for this very reason.We also provide a free development license if necessary. Simply request one after you purchase or just register your domain to the development server first and then email us to change it prior to launching the live site.

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    Great Work Mico!

    I purchased this module add-on after I purchased their ajax uploader and it added instant value to my store. My customer conversion rate improved about 20-30% because they could now interact with the photos they uploaded to my site. Adding text and changing colors and cropping images is so simple. The Aviary monthly fee for premium features is but pricey but totally worth it. At the end of the day the increase in orders pays for premium features ten fold. Support was great too. Good job Mico, keep it up!

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Change Log

2013.10.01 - version 0.1.1
	* [release] Initial version