Aviary Editor Integration for Magento

Introducing a powerful new add-on for our Mico Upload Ultimate extension

Along with uploading image files directly to your store, your customers now have the ability to edit and apply visual effects to their images. To learn more about the Aviary web editor visit http://www.aviary.com/web.

In short, Magento store owners can completely customize the flavor of their app editor at Aviary's website, enabling and disabling features as they see fit. Once configured, simply enter your app's API key info into the module config and go. That's it!

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One thing worth mentioning is that the free version of Aviary's web API editor only allows saving images up to 1 megapixel. This means if you upload an 8 megapixel image and then edit it with the free version of Aviary editor, when you save the image it will be downsized to a resolution respective to the original image size up to 1 megapixel in size. In the images below you will see that the original image uploaded was 2.7 megapixels and after it was customized it was re-sized to less than 1 megapixel. This is not our module doing this re-size, it is Aviary limiting the free version of their Web editor apps.

That being said, if you want to unlock the true potential of this awesome editor app, you have be willing to fork our $500 per month. **Update** 08/27/2013 - You have to be ready to fork out $125 per month for high-resolution images to be returned, and another $275 to white label it to remove the Aviary branding. A small price to pay for such a great app. Learn more here http://www.aviary.com/about/pricing.

Here's a quick sneak peak of the awesome image editing features this module adds to your Magento store:











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