A Better Magento Ajax Uploader by Mico Solutions

Introducing Ajax Flash Upload Pro - an Ajax uploader for Magento. This extension takes less than 5 minutes to install and can instantly match the design of your store with a few lines of CSS.

The great thing about Ajax Flash Upload Pro is that it is super easy to use, extremely simple to customize, and it has a very lightweight footprint on the server – no Perl or cgi necessary. The most unique feature about Ajax Flash Upload Pro is that it has two modes of operation: Ajax only mode and Flash only mode (with fallback to Ajax if Flash not detected in the browser). Why Flash you ask? Answer. Flash is faster and more accurate and very lightweight on the server. It is completely optional and can be turned off in the admin area.

Ajax Flash Upload Pro also has a built-in preview system for both the product page and cart page (including order email and admin order review area). This preview can be customized directly in the admin area with a few lines of short-code. This allows the preview to use any lightbox methods that are installed and available in your store (if any). You can also choose to just show the uploaded filename with or without a link, or choose to show both image preview and filename with link. The customization is up to you and limited to your imagination.

Lastly, and perhaps the best feature of Ajax Flash Upload Pro is that it does not modify any core Magento files at all and can be enabled or disabled with the click of a button. This makes it easy to bpth upgrade the extension and upgrade Magento when necessary.

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