Introducing Mico Uploader Add-ons

We have just finished developing and testing some really cool add-ons for the Ajax Flash Upload Pro extension for Magento. Extension add-ons that will enable store owners to add features to the uploader as they need them.

How it works:

The Ajax Flash Upload Pro extension is the base extension, it must be purchased first in order to use the add-ons. Each add-on can be purchased separately to increase functionality, each independent of one another. The result is a custom mix-match of add-ons based on the needs of the store.

Here is a the list of add-ons available for the uploader extension:

  • Auto thumb creation using Magento re-size class or ImageMagick
  • Custom file handling for completed order images
  • Quality detection/feedback based on resolution
  • User session image handling, uploaded images can be used at more than one product
  • Multiple file upload support per single option
  • PDF image preview
  • Admin order editor, change and replace images

Stay tuned for details.

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