Mico Status Update

Things have been quiet on the blog over here because we have been so busy behind the scenes. We have been working on some really great projects and expanding our range of Magento related services, as well as developing some really cool and new Magento extensions that will change the way many people use Magento altogether.

Modules that you can expect to see released soon are:

Ajax Flash Upload Pro (Bronze, Silver, Gold versions)
CSV table-based pricing *
XLS table-based pricing
Banner pricing **
T-Shirt printing price module **

That's all for now.


One thought on “Mico Status Update”

  • Alexander Sibert

    Mico Solutions developed a individual extension for our customer and the speed of developing is very good and friendly service. As IT Leader i checked the source code roughly and i must say that Mico Solutions develope clean and small codes. Thank you guys.

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