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    It's go time!

    The day has finally arrived. Mico Solutions is officially live and ready to develop the custom Magento extensions/modules for anyone interested. We would like to thank all of our existing clients that helped push us in the right direction, enabling us to become the company we our today. Squarefoot Magento was a great start, we learned a whole heck of a lot and we are thankful for every opportunity that came out of it.

    That being said: Welcome to Mico Solutions. We are developing some of the most anticipated Magento extensions on the market and are open to take new development projects. This blog will be our outlet for company news, ideas, and updates related to the extensions we release. We are also going to create a category for Magento tips and tricks, and some of the most common questions we encounter when dealing with users who are new to the Magento eCommerce platform. Be sure to bookmark us, subscribe to our RSS feed, and follow us on twitter.

    And were off...


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