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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions with their respective answers. You will find useful answers related to sales questions, support services and more. Our support website provides more information specific to each extension and also includes a community forum for Q&A and wiki-style articles.

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Support Information

We provide support to all customers who purchase extensions as well as custom development clients.

Our support site is powered by Zendesk and includes how-to articles, community forums and a ticket-based support tracking system.

Visit our support site at to initiate a support request or send an email directly to

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Sales Related Questions

Do you offer any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee on all of our extensions. The only requirement is that the extension cannot be licensed to a live domain, it should only be licensed to a development domain. If you create a license key for a live domain we will not issue a refund. Of course there are rare and unusual cases and we are pretty easy to work with so email us with any questions.

*Installation and support fees are non-refundable.

What payment methods do you accept?

Due to increased fraud with Credit Card payments, the only payment type we are accepting right now is PayPal.

Do you Magento extensions work with Magento Go?

No, at this time none of our modules are compatible with Magento Go. We will be adding support soon, eta unknown.

I purchased installation support, what do I do next?

Your confirmation email should list all the instructions necessary for installation support. A support representative will also reach out to you with some questions prior to install. If you have any immediate needs you can always email directly after purchase to ensure faster support time.

Licensing Questions

How does the extension license work?

All Mico Solutions Magento extensions must be licensed to a domain name. All extensions come with one (1) live-site license and one (1) optional development license. You can select more licensing options during your purchase but at least one license must be selected and created prior to extension use.

Will the extension work without a license?

No, if you leave the extension license area blank the extension will not function on your website/store.

How do I create a license for my domain?

You will see a link in your account area at our website. When logged in at our website you will see some links on the left hand side of your customer account dashboard. Click on the link "Extension Licenses" and you will see the form to enter your domain name.

Be sure to only use your qualified domain name. Do not use http:// or www or any sub-directory slash or path of the URL, just use the domain name. For example:



No license in my account area, what should I do?

Please email One of our support reps will look into your order and account info. Sometimes there is a delay with payment processing and no licenses can be generated until the payment data has cleared. E-checks from PayPal take 5 to 7 days to clear and just because the money has been deducted from your account it does not mean that PayPal IPN has communicated with our store to clear your purchase. As soon as payment data clears, your licensing options will appear.

Can I develop on my localhost with your extension?

Yes, you can develop on your localhost machine or development server. Simply enter your development store base-url (e.g. localhost or in the "Extension Licensing" section of your account area at our website to generate the respective dev license. Your development license must be obvious that it is a development domain or it will be counted as a live-site license.

If you are worried about needing to use multiple development licenses than we suggest you use localhost as your dev domain OR if you are web design firm we suggest you use your company domain and use sub-directories for different development instances (e.g. and, etc.)

Can I transfer my license to another domain later?

All license transfer requests are reviewed upon request. Your transfer scenario must meet certain requirements to be approved.

What about Magento multi-store support? Do I need a license for every store?

We license our extensions to the domain name. If you have a multi-store environment that uses different domain names for each language, then YES, you will need separate licenses for each domain. We offer bulk discounts on licenses for this very reason. For example:

4 licenses needed:

If you have a multi-store environment that uses sub-directory path for alternate languages you will only need one license. For example:

1 license needed:

I am a Magento developer building a store for my client, what should I do for a licensing?

As mentioned previously, all extension purchases come with two (2) licenses – one for development domain and another for a live-site. We suggest you register your development server first and then register your client's live-site domain when ready to go live.

If you need to stage your work on the client's domain prior to going live (e.g. to test if everything works correctly on their server build), then we suggest you use a sub-directory approach so you do not need any additional licenses to make your code work. For example, if your client's domain is, then you should stage the new site for review at or Both these cases still only require the one, live-site license for your client's domain.

An ex-employee purchased an extension, how can we get access to the account to retrieve the license data?

We protect our users' privacy so you will need to have that person to write an email to our support team with the original order information: including name, contact information, order number, payment authorization code and domain license data.

Extension Support

What kind of support is included with purchase of an extension?

We provide a limited, free support service on all extensions for up to 6 months after the original purchase date. The free support includes help with extension compatibility and default Magento code.

Our free support does not include custom theme modifications and other tasks related to Magento code installation. For example, website backups, 3rd party module compatibility checking, database backup, etc. are not covered by our free support.

What is your Bug-free Lifetime guarantee?

Our bug-free lifetime guarantee applies to all of our extensions. The only requirement is that we must explicitly state to support the version of Magento you are trying to use the extension with. For example, if the extension product page says compatible with Magento 1.4.x to Magento, then that extension will forever be supported for that range of Magento versions.

I upgraded Magento and the extension I purchased does not work anymore. Now what?

We try our best to keep up with new versions of Magento as they are released. However, sometimes we wait to make sure Magento is not getting multiple incremental patches back to back. If you upgrade your store and something breaks because one of our modules need to be improved or patched, we recommend you restore from a backup and wait until an official upgrade/patch for the extension gets released. We try to be really good at maintaining extensions to always be compatible with the latest versions of Magento but sometimes we get really busy and our extension upgrades get put on hold until we have time to give them the full attention they deserve.

Long story short, if you have any questions, doubts or concerns about upgrading, please email our support prior to upgrading. Lastly, please do not email us screaming that our module "broke" your store when you upgraded, we have no control over when you upgrade the code. Please wait for an update to the module.

A Mico extension broke after I installed another 3rd party extension. Who should I ask for help?

You can email us and we can review your request. We will provide support based on the complexity of the issue. If it's a super simple fix we will not charge any fee to provide a patch. If the issue requires a good amount of code or a few hours of new additional code to ensure cross-compatibility, then we will have to charge a support fee respective to the scope of work.

How do I know if your extension will be compatible with other 3rd party extensions that I have installed?

This is a tough one to answer. We try to identify modules that we have tested with our extensions and that are known to be compatible, but the list is always changing and always becoming out of date as the other 3rd party modules get updated and changed and we have no knowledge or time to test them. That being said, if you have any major concerns simply send us an email at We will try to review your request within 24 hours and provide you with an answer. Any extra info you can provide to use regarding what the module does and what Magento classes it overrides makes it easier for use to provide you with an accurate answer.

Magento Compatibility

What version of Magento is supported with the extension I purchased?

Each module/extension product page will list the respective, compatible Magento version.

Do your extensions work with Magento Enterprise (EE) and Magento Professional (PE)?

Yes, all of our extensions are compatible with Magento EE and Magento PE. Make sure you select the Enterprise Edition when purchasing the extension to ensure compatibility with the paid versions of Magento. Selecting Enterprise Edition at the product page will work for Professional Edition as well.

Can I upgrade Magento to a new version when using your extension?

Yes, you can upgrade Magento at any time. However, please check the extension's product to page to ensure compatibility prior to upgrading. If the newest version is not listed then we suggest waiting to upgrade until we have confirmed compatibility. We try to keep up with the latest versions of Magento and will issue patch fixes and updates if necessary, but sometimes we get behind. Please contact support if you have any questions.

Magento Development Questions

Can you create a totally custom extension for my website and business needs?

Yes, that is our area of expertise. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us and provide us with your requirements.

Does Mico Solutions develop complete Magento websites for clients?

Yes, along with creating custom extensions for Magento we also provide complete Magento services, including complete store creation, content strategy and creation, information architecture and server setup with automated scripting.

Do you modify custom Magento themes?

Yes, we can modify your Magento theme if you hire us for a custom development sprint.

IonCube Encryption

What does ionCube encrypted mean?

IonCube encrypted means that some of the core source code of the extension is encrypted and cannot be edited. An additional run-time loading mechanism called "ionCube Loader" is also required to be installed on your server to allow it to run the code correctly. This sounds more complicated than it really is and pretty much all shared host web servers have the loader installed already.

How do I know if ionCube Loader is installed on my web server?

If you are on a shared server there is a high chance that ionCube Loader is already installed and running. Many web hosts have made it a standard in their server images. A simple email to the support team at your web-host is usually the fastest way to check. A lot of times if they see you asking about ionCube and it is not already installed, they will install it instantly as they reply back. It takes less than a few minutes to install and in most cases a few seconds.

If you have a dedicated server you will need to check with your server administrator to see if the Loader is installed and running. Most dedicated servers are built with limited resources configured as to let the customer fine tune it as they see fit, so a lot of times extra software and modules like ionCube Loader are not installed by default.

If you have reasonable technical ability with ftp and websites you can text your server yourself by using the free Loader Wizard from ionCube. You can download it from and upload to your server via FTP and run the .php page in your browser. It will do two things: one, check to see if ionCube Loader is installed and running on your server and two, if not installed it will try to detect your server settings and perform a simple install or provide you with details that will allow you to install it manually.

In our experience the Loader Wizard is successful about 75% of the time. If it cannot do the install for you it will give you a link to the ionCube website download page where you can choose and download a Loader that will be compatible with your server build. As mentioned above, if you get this far and decide this is too much work etc., it is usually faster and easier to just email your web-host support team have them install it for you.

Are there any performance issues with using ionCube loader?

No, when installed correctly you will not even notice any difference. Some case studies have shown ionCube encoded files to run faster than regular php files due some caching mechanisms of the loader, a conversation that is "too nerdy" to discuss here in this FAQ.

For more general answers about ionCube Loader, please see this FAQ page at ionCube site for more detailed answers:

Can I edit any of the code in your extensions?

Yes, we do not encrypt the .phtml or CSS or XML files. You can edit the template files to match your store design and alter the CSS to integrate colors and layout. We offer extension customization upon request. Please use our contact form if you require a totally custom build.

Why do you lock the code with ionCube?

Some of these modules are a collection of years of experience in the industry. We have invested countless hours and energy to program and support these extensions, and we feel that it is in everyone's best interest to encode the core of our work.

If short answer above does not suffice, here's the long. We lock the code for two main reasons.

Reason One: Piracy and theft. By locking the code we eliminate code from being pirated and re-sold around the web. As a result, our work is genuine and our modules are unique with a guarantee of the highest quality.

Reason Two: Better Support. We cannot even count how many times we have offered our free support on our extensions and invested hours of debugging only to find that it was the customer who, in fact, tried to modify our code and broke something. As a result they ask us to fix it, not telling us what they did to break it, and leaving us with no map on how to navigate through the broken code. By locking the code we eliminate 90% of all issues right from the start because we know that our code is secure. It allows us to get directly to the real incompatibility issues faster (if any) and provide more targeted, accurate, and awesome support.

How do I install ionCube?

Formal Check: To see if ionCube is already running, check with your server admin - they can tell you immediately if it is already installed and what version, etc. If it is not already running, they usually can install it within 5-10 minutes.

Manual Installation: If you have access to your server and the skill to install yourself, please see this page and download the loader wizard in ZIP or TGZ format. You can upload the loader wizard to your server and follow the series of prompts to detect ionCube installation and follow the walk-through to install manually by uploading the loader code yourself. It's really easy to do if you know how to access your site with FTP.

Are all of your products encoded?

No. Some of our older, free community extensions are not.

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