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We offer high quality Magento extensions and modules that promote successful business online. Our custom pricing and upload extensions simplify the complex problems associated with dynamic customer configured products.

  • Ajax Upload Ultimate
    A front-end ajax file uploader with progress bar for Magento. Allow your customers to upload images directly to your store for custom made products. With thumbnail generation, customer images appear in the order admin area and in transactional emails. A few lines of CSS to match your store design.
  • Image Canvas Add-on
    Generate 3d canvas print preview for your customer uploaded images.
  • Image Collage Collection
    Create collage and collection patterns for customers to upload images to. Create grid-based designs on-the-fly in the admin area of Magento. Final file with with all images in one collage image is saved to the order. For collections, all files uploaded to a collection get added to the order and cropped to correct size. This add-on requires Ajax Upload Ultimate to be purchased and installed first.
  • Image Dynamic Frame Add-on
    Add a frame preview to customer uploaded artwork. As customers configure a product they will get a chance to see a preview of what their image would look liked framed.
  • Image Single Crop Add-on
    The perfect add-on to the Ajax Uploader extension, this image crop extension allows customers to crop images that they have uploaded to a product page at your store. Additional features include dynamic and fixed crop dimensions per product, Min DPI image quality detection, and final file margin padding. Ajax Upload Ultimate required.
  • Image Social Uploader Add-on
    Allow your customers to upload images to your store directly from popular social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Mico Custom Math Pricing
    The Custom Math Pricing extension total dynamic pricing. You can define your own formulas like {width} * {height} * {price} and create your own discount and up-charge schemes using formula style logic. Also for Magento 2
  • Photo Editor Add-on

    Powered by Adobe Creative SDK Image Editing Component this add-on extension for Magento allows your customers to enhance and stylize the photos they upload at your store. This Magento module is the perfect tool for digital and canvas print shops that offer custom printed products. (Requires Ajax Upload Ultimate Extension)

    Powered by Adobe Creative Cloud Connected
  • Product Ordered Emails
    Send drop-ship or vendors an email when a product is purchased. Send customers a follow up email or coupon code when they order a specific product.