Product Ordered Emails v1.0

Send drop-ship or vendors an email when a product is purchased. Send customers a follow up email or coupon code when they order a specific product.

Community Version: 1.4.x.x to 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Version: 1.10.x.x to 1.14.x.x


Portions of the code in this Magento extension are encrypted with IonCube.


Portions of the code in this Magento extension are encrypted with IonCube. This is to protect our products from piracy and copyright infringement. Only .php files in the /app/code/local/Mico directory are encrypted.

Can I edit any of the code?

Yes, we do not encrypt the .phtml or CSS or XML files. You can edit the template files to match your store design and alter the CSS to integrate colors and layout. We offer extension customization upon request. Please use our contact form if you require a totally custom build.

Why do you lock the code?

Some of these modules are a collection of years of experience in the industry. We have invested countless hours and energy to program and support these extensions, and we feel that it is in everyone’s best interest to encode the core of our work.

How do I install IonCube?

Formal Check: To see if ionCube is already running, check with your server admin - they can tell you immediately if it is already installed and what version, etc. If it is not already running, they usually can install it within 5-10 minutes.

Manual Installation: If you have access to your server and the skill to install yourself, please see this page and download the loader wizard in ZIP or TGZ format. You can upload the loader wizard to your server and follow the series of prompts to detect ionCube installation and follow the walk-through to install manually by uploading the loader code yourself. It’s really easy to do if you know how to access your site with FTP.

Are all of your products encoded?

No. Our free community extensions are not.

Product Description

Product Ordered Email

With this extension you can send a vendor or product owner an email when one of their products is purchased from your store – a process that is ideal for drop ship and made-to-order products from a 3rd party.

You can also send customers an additional email related to specific products that require more information or a follow up task. For example, you can send a customer a link to a product manual or a link to a support forum when they purchase a certain technology product. You can send a customer a coupon code for accessories when they purchase an mp3 player, ask them to write a review on their recent purchase, etc. The options are endless.

The custom emails sent out can be customized the same way default transactional emails are edited and maintained in Magento.
Features at a glance

  • No Hacks – No Core Magento files are modified
  • Enable and disable per product
  • Two different email templates can be assigned to one product – vendor and customer
  • Send vendor or product owner an email when a their product is purchased
  • Multiple products from the same vendor can use the same email template and each product will be listed in one email rather than sending multiple emails
  • Send additional product specific email to customer when a product is ordered, e.g. owner’s manual or special instructions related to a product
  • Send customers an additional email with coupon code when a specific product is purchased
  • Use default Magento transactional email template list for saving the custom email templates
  • (coming soon) Include coupon codes from auto-generated coupon pools
  • (coming soon) Custom SALT variable and SALT complexity configuration
Magento Send Email When Product Purchased Example Data-flow

Magento Product Purchased Emails - How does it work?

When installed in your store, our Product Ordered Email extension will allow you to assign email templates to individual products. Each template can specify up to two emails that can be sent out when a product is purchased – one email for the vendor and another for the customer. You can customize the emails that get sent out by using default transactional email templates from Magento. The email can include all or part of the order information to the vendor, it’s up to you to decide how much information you would like to include. In some cases when you do not want to share customer information with your vendor, you can simply include only the products purchased with any text or layout that you want to use. Multiple products purchased can be included in the same email to vendor or customer if desired.

What are the options?

Since this extension uses the transactional emails section to manage the emails that are assigned to individual products, you can use all of the store contact information variables and the template variables, along with a few of our own variables. Email template assignment is done using attributes so you can edit products in bulk if necessary to enable/disable the feature and assign templates as you see fit, and you can assign the extension to work only on certain attribute sets.

Technical Information

Magento Versions Community Version: 1.4.x.x to 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Version: 1.10.x.x to 1.14.x.x
ionCube Encrypted Yes
Option Type Supported N/A
Product Type Supported N/A
Supported PHP Version N/A
Requires Base Extension N/A
Mico Compatibility N/A
Also works with N/A
Licensing Info Per Domain Licensing: Our extensions are licensed per domain, which means each Magento store that will use the extension, regardless if it is installed on the same server or not, requires its own license.  For example: and are 2 domain names and require 2 licenses, whereas and only require 1 license. We offer discounts for multiple licenses for this very reason.We also provide a free development license if necessary. Simply request one after you purchase or just register your domain to the development server first and then email us to change it prior to launching the live site.

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    Works Perfect!

    This is a great extension. It works exactly as advertised. I am now able to send specific people emails when a product is purchased and I can control exactly what product/order information they receive in the email. I had one problem with installation but support team was awesome and helped me 100% of the way. Highly recommend!

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    Works perfect, no bugfixes needed, no customization, no nada. It just works out of the box, congratulations!

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    Perfect Solution

    No core files overwritten and one click attribute creation make this the perfect solution for people farming out order fulfillment on a product by product basis.

    We have our apparel outsourced, and now our apparel partner can get a custom email with all the needed information automatically when a customer buys a product.

    Easy to install and implement, easy to configure!


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Change Log

2014.03.19 - version 1.0
	* [release] Initial version